Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mystery fruit

Today was our bi-annual town-wide garage sale. I love this day because I chat with a lot of our neighbors and everyone seems to happy and excited to be out and about. There's usually a ton of people out walking in the streets, and because our town is only 2 square miles so you can walk it in a half day (considering you stop a lot to look at the sales!) In any case, I was happy to see some people in my community doing container gardening and lot of people have fruit and nut trees in their own yards....very cool!

The boys and I indentified chestnut trees, oak trees and another nut tree (you'll see a pic below) that I am quite not sure about. Also, we discovered a mystery fruit that I have not been able to identify with my google research (and usually I am not too bad at that!) So here it is...

it's cherry like, smells delicious, but has little ridges or hectagon shapes all over it. The skin is red but the flesh is orange... do you know what it is?
I put it next to a 2 liter bottle cap so you could see how large it is. 
Let me know what you think!

Oh and here's the some of the nuts we collected as well...

Hickory nuts on the left to be used in baking (thanks to Google I was able to identify it!) and yummy Chestnuts on the right, local, organic and free!

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