Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome to Nature's rest Period

Last night it got rather cold. I brought some of our plants in like the Container Lemon Tree, the avocado tree and some of our potted flowers. They've been out all summer and while I enjoy the seasons, I am sad to see summer go. It's my favorite part of the year, along with spring.  

My little garden helper chatted with me as we took the plants outside to get some sun. Before we knew it, a bee buzzed up to the Meyer Lemon tree (plant really - its not too tall) and started enjoying the nectar in the sweet smelling flowers. The tree has already flowered once this summer right after we bought it as a Father's Day gift. It currently (and incredibly) has 5 lemons on it, and now we've have the pleasure of a second flowering. 
The smell of the Meyer Lemon tree is so sweet.. it smells like Jasmine to me. I love it. I am in awe that this little tree is producing so well. 

You can see two of the five lemons - they're still green

 We watched the bee closely buzz from flower to flower for several minutes. His hind legs were loaded with pollen. So much so, that the poor thing actually had trouble flying. It seemed weighed down. So we sat and kept watching the little thing as it worked to fly up and kept being pushed down... I honestly started to wonder if the bee was okay.. was there something intoxicating about that lemon flower?

The bee flew about a foot away from me (glided really) onto the deck. There. it began to vigorously clean itself scraping the pollen again and again from it's body and legs. We were quite impressed with all it's fancy footwork and seeing it so close. We laid down and Alexandre grabbed the camera so we could remember this moment. The bee stopped and rested for what seemed like 5 minutes, just adding concern to my thoughts about him being ok. Just as I turned the camera on, the bee started vigorously cleaning again and then surprised me by quickly flying off. All nature has rest cycles I thought. Rest, is good. Welcome fall, I am glad you're here. 


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