Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goals - Keeping the Mind Busy

We all think of goals as really good things. It's great to have goals in life. While this is true on a material level - when you realize that goals, just like any other "busy" activity keeps the mind engaged with such flurry that you have little time to be Silent, to be Still.. and enjoy the Divine within. 

A dear friend of mine just asked me how do I reconcile living in the moment with planning for the future.
It's true that it is not always easy - but the world is not likely to end tomorrow so someone has to pay the electric bill. You can simultaneously live in the now and enjoy each succulent amazing moment in time and space and still use your practical sense.. in fact, you must. 
However, what you can also realize is that while you do the dishes, create the dinner, work at a job and pay that electric bill... you do these things while you stay centered on the Divine within. Your Divine spark and your material existence need not be mutually exclusive... most of us cannot sit in meditation for 8 hours a day, and honestly, I really don't want too. I rather my life be a prayer in each moment, in everything I do.

  So while the physical self and mind want to have goals to keep us "motivated", when you truly live as a divine channel of unconditional love and kindness.. you realize that the connection and union with the Divine is the only true worthy goal.  All that leads to this is good. Everything else is material and will be swept away when you are done with this existence. Just recognize this fact. 

So goals that lead to a more perfect connection and union are desirable. Goals that improve life are desirable as long as they are meant for a higher good... not a selfish bodily desire. When your life is centered on Spirit, peace is yours, calm is yours and self esteem is high because you know you are important and that you truly matter. 
 So today I encourage you to look at your goals - look at your to-do list. In a prayerful state, allow your heart to speak to you and know what is truly important for your life. No one else has the answers. All the answers are within. 
Love, Mellisa

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