Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Transitioning into a RAW Food Diet

Growing up, my family was on-again, off-again vegetarian. I think like most people, we knew what was best for us, but as a family, we gave into cravings - cravings that made us slaves to the sense of taste and texture.  In essence, slaves to our tongues.
   As an adult and as a parent, nutrition of my children has always taken priority in my life.  Most parents of course, are extremely concerned with the nutrition and care of the growing little bodies we are caring for each day. But I have to admit that I was a little surprised when I noticed about a month ago that I had been simply omitting meat from our meals. I had actually not cooked meat in over two months after I thought back.  Perhaps some of this came from the fact that after reading The Ten Commandments one day - I began pondering the meaning of "Thou Shall Not Kill". 
  As I sat one day pondering this -  I thought that God surely does not want us to kill the beautiful, innocent creatures he created on Earth - right? It seems logical enough to any peaceful and God-loving person I think. But here's the problem - we are SLAVES. We are all slaves to our taste buds and we have been desensitized to the cruelty of what happens to those creatures for our own selfish indulgences. As we buy that plastic wrapped package of red meat - we rather not think where it came from or how it got there, we just know it tastes good and will make a great burger. 
   But as you grow in your own spiritual life, ask God and ask yourself - should I eat flesh? Is it healthy for my spiritual development? Is it working to heal my body each and every day? Is it living, loving and nourishing to all my cells? 
   I was surprised to realize that as I looked at Raw Recipe books so many speak of spirituality. How with raw foods that the mind is clearer, the emotions are less volatile and one naturally feels more peaceful. I have to agree. I am in my third week of high raw and I have never felt better. I have lost 12 pounds, I feel so calm and in control of my reactions and my thoughts. 

   My purpose of going raw was God. It was not to lose weight or have a better complexion, to be calmer or feel even more joy - although all of these things have happened. I simply wanted to be a clearer channel of God's Love. This is the reason I choose to go Raw. Our time on Earth is so precious, we need to stay focused on our work and development rather than getting caught up in life's little sidetracks. I find that because of the REASON I am doing this, it's easy to stay with it. This is not a diet where my own "WILL power" feels tempted... I am doing this because I feel that this is God's diet - fresh fruits and wonderful fresh veggies and seeds and nuts given to us by the Creative Force of the Universe to thrive on. It's easy to have strength when you know you have the Love of God behind you. Isn't it? Through prayer, meditation, God's help and eating living foods, you can be cleansed of years of unhealthy eating and food abuse. 

  Isn't it time that you asked your inner spirit if now is the time for you to make the change to a peaceful living raw food diet? The benefits are multiple but most importantly, we are getting back to what was intended. Think about God's plan for your life and if you are a slave to your tongue. If we pray for God's will and not our own ego will, then we will be especially attentive to how God directs us. Yes you may need to learn a few new skills in the kitchen, but I promise, it is MUCH easier than you can ever imagine. More importantly, isn't it time to get back to the joyful, universal plan of love and harmony for our lives?   Love, Mellisa    

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