Homegrown Values

Having a strong sense of ethics and values is not only the key to a healthy family life, but it's also the key to a happy balanced individual! We have seen the continual decline and indifference in our society and we must now take back this precious element of humanity. We must fall back on what generations of old taught their children. We must come back to the true values of life, and the ethics of living. True inner happiness and peace thrives in an environment steeped with moral values. Think about those values a moment -  (you can click on each link and read my posts about each value and how to implement them into your life)

These values are vital cornerstones in your child's life. As an active, spiritually-aware parent, you embody these values and practice them daily in all you do.  Take the time each day to share your values with your child. Listen to that inner voice and practice living in accordance to your values each and every day. This is authentic living and nothing feels better, or more joyful. You will serve as an excellent role model for your children and touch many more lives than you can possibly imagine.

Focus on one value each week and practice integrating that value into your life fully. You want your life to be a full expression of each individual value, in every way.

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