Improve Kids Health

Cutting the Junk that's making us sick
I am a huge proponent of natural living. We see today diseases, illnesses, hyperactivity, depression, overweight, more cases of heart attack, diabetes and so forth, much more than we ever have in our history. Yet, we only to have to look as far as what we allow into our environment and into our bodies and we can clearly see a disconnect from nature, and the core of the issues we face. Pharmaceutical drugs just cover symptoms, they do not cure anything. There's a prescription for everything today - from not wanting to sit down in a desk to feeling sad. There's also something you can do to get  in and then root out these core problems. It does take a bit more effort than handing over an insurance card, but the rewards you will reap for yourself and your family enormously exceed the small effort to create the changes.  .Here you will find the changes you can make and then a link on each to explain more in detail about the issues. Here's to healthy life and a happy family my friend!

1. Get rid of the fluoride in your home (this can be in the toothpaste you buy and is in some municipal waters). Here's a video to watch about fluoride and it's true effects.  
There are several fluoride free toothpastes on the market. We use Tom's but you have to check the label to make sure it's fluoride free. Not all Tom's is free from Florude. Check the label it will be clearly marked. I find mine cheaper at Big Lots than in a neatural health store (and then I buy a large supply).

 2. Get rid of Energy Savings Light Bulbs with Mercury. We have seen a big push in recent years to convert over to these energy -saving toxic filled bulbs. Why? Is saving $20 a year worth me having to deal with a broken light bulb as if it were toxic hazard material and dispose of it properly? Read the label. You seriously are NOT supposed to put this in the landfill. However, how many people do you honestly believe are actually disposing of them properly? is everyone making a special trip to the hazard waste site every few months to dispose of old bulbs? And imagine every American who puts in "just one bulb" into the waste basket... how many will silently do this before we realize that we have a serious problem of mercury poisoning in our landfills, and burning into the air?
When one of the bulb breaks, we are told to air out the room for at least 15 minutes to avoid anyone inhaling toxic fumes. Then carefully clean up as you would with any toxic waste. is this really something you should have in your home, around your children?
Not only that, but children themselves can and will break these bulbs unmeaningly. What if, (as mine) they do not know the dangers? 
I recently went back to regular light bulbs. It's not worth the worry and hassle. I want a healthy environment for my children to grow in. 

3. Use caste iron to cook in like Grandma did. Throw away the Tefel cook ware and other non-stick toxic pots and pans. Tefle turns toxic when heated high. Toxic fumes are released into your home.. and who has not walked away from the stove only to see black fumes rolling up into the air and running to turn it off? Caste iron cook ware can often be found in your local thrift store for cheap.

4. Do not buy GMO. In this country, GMO is not labled. It's label in other countries and America, as advanced as we are, does not label GMO products. GMO foods have been genertically tampered with to create "certain more favorable chacteristics" in their genes. Supposedly to defend itself better from insects and so on. We read about mad scientists playing with genes and clones and it scares us. However, if you eat non-organic corn, corn syrup, corn products (and almost everything pre-packaged contains corn now days) you are ingesting GMO. American corn is 85% GMO. It's hard to get away from it. This is one of the main reasons I have weaned my family completely off pre-packaged foods. Honestly, sometimes I want to cry when I read labels... artificial colors, preservatives that are neuro-toxins, white sugars and white flours deficient of any nutrition. Our food is now made by scientists, not Mother Nature. We MUST get away from this junk that is causing us illness and disease.  Watch a short video of author Jeffery Smith on GMO foods

5. Vaccine Dangers & The Link with Autism
 The Great Vaccine debate is one that seemed to be a lot of effort to understand when my babies were young. Hadn't vaccines cured humanity of many illnesses? Why would my Dr. want to inject anything that was unhealthy into my children? Simply put, many Drs. are unaware of the dangers of vaccines in general and the link with Autism. They may tell you that vaccines are perfectly safe but do not put your full faith in a person just because he wears a white coat. Do your own research. With the internet we are able to quickly and easily research almost any topic today and I encourage you to do just that. Here is a video to start you off with understanding the dangers of vaccines but please don't stop here. Watch as many videos as you can, listen to as many interviews as you can and read as much research as you can, and then you decide for yourself. But don't make choices without proper study. This is detrimental to your family's health.  

6. Now, if you have already used vaccines and want to help the body's cleansing process and rid yourself and your children of the toxins, you can use BENTONITE CLAY baths and foot baths to encourage the release of toxins. You simply put the clay in a foot bath and soak, or in a full bath and soak in it or ask your child to soak in it. It can be a bit messy. The clay pulls the toxins out of the body. Here is a link to read more. I am not associated with this seller of the clay but the information is good.

7. Eliminate Food Dyes, Preservatives and Additives from the foods you buy and make for your family. These things are not natural to food and have continually been linked with things like cancer, hyperactivity, allergic reactions, depression and so on. A large part of our ills today I believe come from the food choices we make. Many Asian restaurants use MSG in their foods to enhance flavor although it adds no value to the whatsoever. You can ask them to not use MSG on your food (although it still be on the pans they use). Better yet, make it at home.

The Feingold Association has done incredible research into the problem of food additives and their effect on children. They incessantly research the ADHD link (as well as other symptoms and diseases and their link to our food). This diet was a jumping off point for my own family to transition us into healthy living.