Unplugged Parenting

   Unplugged Parenting is conscious, active parenting. It requires asking thought-provoking questions as you travel the road of motherhood and only accepting answers that best fit your family and lifestyle. It is informed, bold parenting embracing our roles as parents fully, with joy and gratitude!
   Unplugged Parenting is parents, like you and me, taking back the ability to fully parent and educate our children; enabling future generations to do the same. Unplugged Parenting involves unplugging from the systematic force-fed culture of 'standards', living a life that centers around children and family - full of love, hope and peace.
Unplugged Parenting Includes:

•Unplugging from mainstream 'standards'
Not being afraid to challenge the status quo
•Freeing yourself from others ideas of what happiness is
•Kids Self Esteem & sense of inner peace are very important to you
•Education of the whole child is of highest priority
•Heart felt, connective parenting is the center and mainstay of life
•Simple Living centered around family
•You live by & encourage Homegrown Values
•You live out-of-the-box and are truly authentic
•You're not into conforming for the sake of conforming but choose to be a free-thinker

Unplugged Parenting is a new adventure filled with joy!