Where do I begin?

Creating The Calm - Where do I begin?

You begin right where you are. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. We are all human beings on a journey. The happiness comes in the moments we share, right now, in this moment, not in any final destination.

So, if you're feeling frizzled and fried, stressed or depressed - just know that you are not alone, and you do have help! When our lives seem out of control - it's a reflection of our inner states. We need to work through the difficulties to come to a place of peace. I'm going to teach you how to do this. When you do this, little by little, things will fall into place.  Life will get easier. Here's the plan for this week:

Set Routines. Routines are extremely important. I resisted them for many years because I considered routines to be "ruts" and boring. I hated them. Now as a parent, I have come to understand the psychological need for routine and organization. They give you framework and really do help you organize your life. I highly recommend using www.flylady.net to get your home in order. If you feel crazy, disorganized or are tired of the clutter in your home or in your life - try flylady. Following her recommendations have turned my home around, and I am a huge fan! I will not waste valuable time teaching you about routines when she does an excellent job. 

When your children start to see your routines and organization, they will get inspired. Not only that, but they will get the much needed structure and stability that help children feel safe and loved. I promise you this is not going too far. Kids need structure. This too I resisted for a long time, feeling that love and peace would always work itself out. What I came to realize was that love is an ingredient and peace is an outcome, but I needed an action plan -  I could go with the flow for a long time but chaos was right there all the time threatening to take over. 
In addition, when you get your home in order, your life begins to get in order. Feng Shui teach us about the flow of energy in the home... but what we know and what we practice may be two different things. So your first action this week is to work on getting your home in order. Use the Flylady's help and prepare to eliminate some major clutter! 

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